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Obama’s Historical Speech

Posted by mattieliz on January 22, 2009

When I watched Barack Obama’s inauguration speech again today online, I really felt inspired. In my own opinion, this speech was very powerful and had some amazing messages in it. My topic is focusing on if the Obama and Biden administration should provide health care for all people in the United States. It’s a very conflicting issue but very realistic. I have done some research on this topic and found that the U.S. is the only wealthy and industrialized nation that does not have universal health care. Of course there are many opinions from different people all across the country but it’s on the agenda for the Obama Biden Administration, according to It’s no lie that health care is sky high in price and the U.S. Government wants to make that free to the people of America. Of course, nothing is free, which means our taxes are going to be higher to pay for the doctor visits of those who are in need of health care. The one thing Obama did mention about health care was he will raise health care’s quality and lower it’s cost. Yes, it is vague, but that simple sentence says a lot to our nation.

The main reasons Obama wants to go on with providing health care to all is there are over 40 million uninsured citizens, it’s been extremely difficult on businesses because of the cost, free medical services would encourage preventive medicine and inquire about problems early when treatment will be light. There are other positive things that go with this, but there are always cons to this issue as well. Some of the negatives on this issue is the wait to see a doctor will be a very long time, the cost of drugs will most likely be several times more than what it is now, because it’s free to the people which means more taxes we have to pay. There is so much more to this topic and that’s just a small piece of it.


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