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Final Project Source Notes (3)

Posted by mattieliz on January 30, 2009

Source Notes (3): Barack Obama’s Agenda Stuck in the Muddle

Title: Barack Obama’s Agenda Stuck in the Muddle

Summary: This short newspaper article is about how many people felt motivated and excited for what was to come in the future from our new president after the inaugural speech and how some people were left unsatisfied. (The article was found through the University of Oregon’s library database.)

Topic: Should the U.S. Government provide health care to all Americans?

Category: Journalistic

What is it?: A news article from the web version of the Oregonian.

Publication Information: The Oregonian, January 24, 2009, Portland, OR

Author: Paul Krugman


Accessed: January 29, 2009


President Barack Obama, the New York Times, John Maynard Keynes, Herbert Hoover

President Barack Obama was mentioned often throughout the entire news story; Paul Krugman is the author of this story, which came from the New York Times originally; John Maynard Keynes wrote some great words that were quoted in this article, while the world was going into the great depression; Herbert Hoover was mentioned while the author of this story was discussing the great depression because Hoover had to make some unpleasant decisions.

Audience and Agenda: The Oregonian is a reliable source, especially if I want to read something local. I like seeing what Oregonians think and have to say about the universal health care issue.

Usefulness: Overall, I did not seem to find exactly what I was looking for in this article. There was some good information but I’m not sure I would use it for my final project.

Works Cited:

Krugman, Paul. “Barack Obama’s Agenda Stuck in the Muddle.”¬† LexisNexis Academic. 24 Jan. 2009. University of Oregon. 29 Jan. 2009 <;.


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