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Final Project Source Notes (6)

Posted by mattieliz on February 6, 2009

Source Notes (6): Nominee Slip Hurts Health Care Drive

Title: Nominee Slip Hurts Health Care Drive

Summary: Tom Daschle, former South Dakota senator, was nominated by president Barack Obama to be secretary of  health and human services but unexpectedly back out on February 3, 2009 because he failed to pay over $128,000 in taxes. Obama is now having a tough time filling that open nominee spot.

Topic: Universal Health Care

Category: Journalistic (mainstream)

What is it?: A news article on the web site version of the New York Times.

Publication Information: New York Times, February 3, 2009, New York City

Author: Peter Baker and Robert Pear


Accessed: February 5, 2009


Tom Daschle, former South Dakota Senator; President Barack Obama; Robert Gibbs, press secretary; Howard Dean, former governor of Vermont; Kathleen Sebelius, governor of Kansas; Edward G. Rendell, governor of Pennsylvania; Jennifer M. Granholm, governor of Michigan; John Kitzhaber, former governor of Oregon; David Axelrod, president’s senior adviser; Jeanne M. Lambrew, possible nominee; Sara Rosenbaum, health policy expert at George Washington University; Drew E. Altman, president of the Kaiser Family Foundation, which focuses on health policy; William A. Galston, Bill Clinton’s former policy adviser; Richard J. Kirsch, senior manager of health care for America now; James P. Gelfand, senior manager of health policy at the United States Chamber of Commerce; Max Baucus, Senator of Montana and chairman of finance committee; senator Edward M. Kennedy,  Senator of Massachusetts and chairman of health committee; Howard Pastor, Capitol Hill liasion for former president Bill Clinton.

All or most of the people listed here are all pushing for the new health care plan and some of these people are even being considered to be nominated for Tom Daschle’s place.

Audience and Agenda: The New York Times is read by millions of readers a day, online and in print. I have used the New York Times several times already as my sources because I know this is a reliable source. This particular story is meant to go out to anyone who is interested or involved in politics. This article was paid for through the New York Times Company.

Works cited:

Baker, Peter, and Robert Pear. “Nominee Slip Hurts Health Care Drive.” Politics. 3 Feb. 2009. New York Times. 5 Feb. 2009 <;.


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