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Final Project Source Notes (8)

Posted by mattieliz on February 6, 2009

Source Notes (8): A Scientific Stimulus for the U.S.

Title: A Scientific Stimulus for the U.S.

Summary: This editorial discusses the need for president Barack Obama to push for a large stimulus package that would reinvigorate the U.S. economy, including green energy, defeating global warming, and reevaluating the need for universal health care.

Topic: Universal Health Care

Category: Institutional (Government)

What is it?: An online editorial about universal health care and other public policies.

Publication Information: Scientific American, February 2009.

Author: No author listed.


Accessed: February 6, 2009


Mark Zandi, economist of Moody’s; Zandi thinks the money from the stimulus package would be well spent as an investment.

Audience and Agenda: Scientific American is a widely-known magazine that has nearly 60 updated reports by leading experts on medicine, the environment, space, and so much more. Since this is a reliable magazine, I knew this would be a good source.

Works cited:

“A Scientific Stimulus for the U.S.” Feb. 2009. Scientific American. Metalib. UO Library, Eugene. 6 Feb. 2009. Keyword: universal health care.


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