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Photo Assignment Reflection

Posted by mattieliz on February 9, 2009

The “day in the life” assignment was a really fun project to work on. I chose to follow my boss around for a day. I know him well enough to not be shy with the whole picture taking thing. Of course, the pictures didn’t come out the way I had planned but I am mostly satisfied with what I got. I had some strong visions in my head of what I was planning on getting pictures of but of course, things never work out the way you plan…
In the morning I went to take pictures of Blaine serving coffee to customers, interacting with them and pulling shots of espresso. I’m so glad the sun was out that morning because as Michael mentioned in class, lighting sets a certain mood. The challenge I had with that part of the day was the fast pace. As always, Dutch Bros. stays very busy in the morning, so it was hard to get him to smile or pose for a picture, which is why I got a lot of action shots instead. In the later part of the day, Blaine coaches JV basketball at Thurston High School, so I went to his game against their rival, Springfield High School. I had a hard time taking any posed pictures of him there too, because he was walking up and down the court yelling at his players. On top of that, the fluorescent lights distorted the color a bit.
Overall, I feel like I did a decent job with this project. I’m not the greatest picture taker but learning about the tips on taking good photos in class really helped.


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