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Top 10 List

Posted by mattieliz on February 9, 2009

1. Plan ahead… think about what you want to take pictures of before you actually do it (what time of day, where, who?)

2. Bring your camera with you everywhere! You never know when you’ll need it.

3. Take the same picture from different angles (from the front, back, upward angle, downward angle, etc.)

4. Study the person you are taking pictures of ahead of time to see what they do on a normal basis.

5. Candid shots make great pictures… and sometimes they don’t.

6. Don’t make the pictures look too posed; you want it to look somewhat natural, depending on the scenario.

7. Pay attention to light. Bright light usually means happiness and dark light is sometimes depressing.

8. Sometimes close-ups can be good, but stay away from faces… people don’t always seem to like that.

9. Stay away from busy backgrounds. You want the focus to be on one subject, not everything behind it, unless that’s part of the story.

10. Take advantage of the “magic hour.” Sunset or sunrise… it’s so pretty and the coloring can enhance a photo.


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