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Final Project Source Notes (14)

Posted by mattieliz on February 18, 2009

Source Notes (14): The U.S. Health Care Non-System, 1908-2008

Title: The U.S. Health Care Non-System, 1908-2008

Summary: The history of how health insurance has become what it is today from the last 100 years or so and how it has changed through the government.

Topic: Universal health care

Category: Academic Research

What is it?: An online journal from the American Medical Association.

Publication information: The American Medical Association, May 2008.

Author: George B. Moseley III, JD, MBA


Accessed: February 16, 2009


American Medical Association (AMA); American College of Surgeons, founded in 1913; Baylor University Hospital; American Hospital Association (AHA); Blue Cross Insurance; Blue Shield Insurance; National Labor Relations Board; The Hill-Burton Act, passed in 1946 to provide loans and grants for construction of new hospitals; the Health Professions Educational Assistance Act, founded in 196, which provided financial assistance to medical schools; the Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, founded in 1945; the Health Maintenence Organization Act, passed in 1973.

Audience and Agenda: This site explores the ethical issues and challenges a student, resident, or physicians would face. The free online journal, Virtual Mentor, was started in 1999 and is open to the public, especially targeted towards doctors, and doctors-to-be.

Usefulness: Showing the history of health care and how it began back in 1908 was very useful to me. The sources used in this article was helpful as well, as I will go back and use those in my final project.

Works cited:

Moseley III, George B. “The U.S. Health Care Non-System, 1908-2008.” Virtual Mentor 10 (2008): 324-31.


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