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Audio Slideshow Reflection

Posted by mattieliz on February 23, 2009

When assigned to make an audio slideshow for class, I was so excited to do this project. The way I see it, it’s way better than having to write a paper and sit at a desk for hours upon hours. Instead, we got to go out and take pictures of some random person all day long.

The person I chose was my boss, Blaine. Like me, he is a barista, so I knew I could get some really great shots of him interacting with the customers and making coffee. He is also a JV basketball coach at Thurston High School so again, I knew it would make a great slideshow.

The challenging part for me was the interview. He seemed laid back abou the interview until I stuck the recorder in front of him. When I asked him some questions, he started speaking extremely fast and mumbled a lot. I knew that later down the road it would be very difficult to edit the audio, so I made him redo it. After doing the interview three different times, I felt like I had enough to work with.

Overall, I wasn’t too pleased with the audio part of my slideshow, but I do like the pictures. I think next time I just need to tell my interviewee to relax and speak slower and hope that works.


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