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Final Project Source Notes (16)

Posted by mattieliz on February 23, 2009

Source Notes (16): I Hate Universal Health Care. Except that I Don’t.

Title: I Hate Universal Health Care. Except that I Don’t.

Summary: This blog is in response to an article titled, “Fix America’s Health Care System– the Capitalist Way”, that was written in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution by the CEO of Waffle House, Joe Rogers. Rogers explains how Waffle House, Inc. has offered affordable group medical insurance to their hourly employees for over 25 years but many employees choose to risk not being insured and spend their money on other things.

Topic: Universal health care

Category: Citizen (stakeholder)

What is it?: A blog from The New Republic, a Journal of Politics and the Arts

Publication information: The New Republic, Washington D.C., February 19, 2009.

Author: Jonathan Cohn


Accessed: February 19, 2009


Atlanta Journal-Constitution, an Atlanta, GA newspaper; Joe Rogers, CEO of Waffle House and author of article in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution; Ezekiel Emanuel, advisor for Obama; Ron Wyden, U.S. senator from Oregon.

Audience and Agenda: The New Republic is a journal that was founded in 1914 and its goal was and is to provide its readers with an intelligent and somewhat entertaining examination of American politics, culture and foreign policy. The New Republic tries to deliver the news before it hits mainstream news and that’s why they

Usefulness: Hearing other people’s point of views on this issue helps influence my decision on the should question. I’m still not 100% if I agree or disagree with my question but hearing what real people have to say is very useful.

Works cited:,


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