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Final Source Project Notes (18)

Posted by mattieliz on February 23, 2009

Source Notes (18): Taxing Health Care, Despite the Campaign

Title: Taxing Health Care, Despite the Campaign

Summary: One of the key structural aspects of Obama’s new budget is that health care reform will be given its own financing stream; one derived partially from cuts on Medicare and Medicaid spending, and partially from a new tax described as it finances coveage for the uninsured and pushes employers to cover more workers.

Topic: Universal health care

Category: Citizen (Stakeholder)

What is it?: An online blog about health care and other political issues through

Publication information:, February 22, 2009, New York.

Author: Ben Smith, senior political writer


Accessed: February 23, 2009


Jonathan Cohn, a senior blogger for the website, The New Republic (; Ezra Klein, associate editor at The American Prospect; Barack Obama, president; John McCain, former presidential candidate.

This very short article compares the information both bloggers, Cohn and Klein, have stated in their own blogs about this budget issue. Of course Obama and McCain are both mentioned in the articles, comparing the two and their original plans.

Audience and Agenda: is a web site that focuses mainly on: the politics of Capitol Hill, the presidential campaign, and the business of Washington lobbying and advocacy. The author, Ben Smith, is a senior political writer with a linguistics degree from Yale College. He has also worked with many NY newspapers, such as New York Sun and New York Observer. Now he writes for three of New York City’s leading political blogs: The Politicker,  The Daily Politics, and Room Eight.

Usefulness: This article was so short, it seemed to have left out some information. The links to other blogs were very useful, however. It was like a gateway to other similar issues I am searching for and from writers that have a strong background in politics and journalism.

Works cited:,


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