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Final Project Source Notes (25)

Posted by mattieliz on March 9, 2009

Source Notes (25): Image

Title: Political cartoon on health care

Summary: A political cartoon about the irony of health care in other countries and health care in the United States. (This cartoon was found at

Topic: Universal health care

Category: Image

What is it?: A political cartoon on health care.

Publication information:, February 19, 2007, New Hampshire

Author: No author listed


Accessed: March 8, 2009

Audience and agenda: was started in 1999 and is the fastest growing and most popular website for community news, entertainment, recreation, and local business information in New Hampshire. This website is the homepage for New Hampshire and has a growing list of weekly newspapers around the state.

Usefulness: This editorial cartoon was most likely created for the political section of the newspaper. The irony of the cartoonis what I like about it. I think what the artist is trying to say is even if the United States gets universal health care, it’s not going to be perfect, like other countries, such as Cuba. It may be affordable but the quality will most likely decrease. The overall message is we can’t have it all.

Works cited:


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