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Final Project Source Notes (26)

Posted by mattieliz on March 12, 2009

Source Notes (26): Image

Title: Side-by-Side: No Comparison

Summary: With the United States having the most expensive health care system on earth, it is shocking to see that the general health of the population in the U.S. is lower than in most industrialized countries. Above is an illustrated comparison of the difference in health care of the United States and Canada. According to World Health Organization, Canada has had positive improvements all around in its health care system, compared to the U.S. which does not have universal health care.

Topic: Universal health care

Category: Image

What is it?: A graph of the comparison of U.S. health care versus Canadian health care.

Publication information:, 2006, Stuart, Florida.

Author: Holly Dressel


Accessed: March 8, 2009


Blue Cross, nonprofit private insurance company; Terry Boychuk, author of The Making and Meaning of Hospital Policy in the U.S. and Canada; Canadian Medical Association Journal; P.J. Devereaux, a cardiologist at McMaster University.

The sources listed above were used in the article for statistical use and data.

Audience and agenda: The Martin County Democratic Party is a grassroots network of people, that is open, inclusive, and accessible to the public. It is a community organization that reaches out to all races, gender, minorities and youth, increasing participation by democrats on local issues and supporting democrats locally, statewide, and nationally. This web site is paid for and approved by the Martin County Democratic Executive Committee.

Usefulness: This web site is a paid political advertisement and was created to persuade people to vote democrat. The article was adapted from Holly Dressel’s book God Save the QueenGod Save Us All: An Examination of Canadian Hospital Care via the Life and Death of Montreal’s Queen Elizabeth Hospital, published in 2007 by McGill/Queen’s Press.

Works cited:,


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