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Final Project Source Notes (27)

Posted by mattieliz on March 16, 2009

Source Notes (27): Image

Photo illustration: Everett Blogue;
Photos: Getty Images

Title: Obama Wasn’t Kidding about Health Care

Summary: When President Obama gave his non-State of the Union address on Tuesday, February 24, 2009, he stated that this country cannot wait another year for health care and it will not wait. On February 26, 2009, Obama submitted his budget to congress including a $634 billion over ten years as a down payment toward creating a universal health care system in the U.S.

Topic: Universal health care

Category: Image

What is it?: An image of Barack Obama head on a doctor.

Publication information:, February 26, 2009, New York.

Author: Dan Amira


Accessed: March 12, 2009


Igor Volsky, author of Wonk Room/Think Progress; Johnathan Cohn, political blogger; Ezra Klein, political blogger; Jennifer Ruben; author of Contentions/Commentary; Paul Krugman, author of New York Times; Allahpundit, author of; Senators Max Baucus and Ted Kennedy; David Rogers, political blogger; Steve Benen, author of Political Animal/Washington Monthly; Ben Pershing, author of the Washington Post; Chuck Todd, author of MSNBC; Rick Klein, ABC News blogger.

Audience and agenda: New York Magazine was founded in April 1968 and reaches 1.6 million readers each week and is published by New York Media Holdings, LLC. This magazine was created to cover and analyze the most current news, culture, entertainment, lifestyles, personalities and fashion of the average New Yorker. This is a perfect magazine to read if one wants to stay up-to-date with the newest things going on in the city.

Usefulness: The article that goes with the image above was created to send out the message that President Obama means what he says when he wants universal health care for the U.S. now. Followed by the article are comments that have been said in other articles and blogs by political bloggers and authors about this issue. All of the authors’ names are linked, which was very useful in discovering more on what they had to say on the topic.

Works cited:,


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