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Final Project Source Notes (29)

Posted by mattieliz on March 16, 2009

Source Notes (29): Multimedia

Title: Obama Health Care Summit

Summary: President Obama is trying to build this new health care plan but has revealed no new details on the reform, leaving his critics frustrated, reported by Bill Plante.

Topic: Universal health care

Category: Multimedia (journalistic)

What is it?: A short news story from the Early Show on CBS about the health care reform.

Publication information:, March 5, 2009

Author: No author listed, CBS


Accessed: March 13, 2009


The Early Show, CBS News; Bill Plante, Sr. White House news correspondent; Robert Gibbs, White House Press Secretary; former President Bill Clinton; Washington Post, featured a letter to President Obama about health care reform; Rep. John Shadegg, (R) Arizona.

Audience and Agenda: CBS Corporation is a mass media company that delivers the most up-to-date events to the general public.

Works cited:,


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